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10-11 February, 2016 • The Hotel Kabuki • San Francisco, USA


Day One, 10 February 2016

07:30 Registration, Exhibition & Welcome Coffee
08:45 Opening Remarks

Rachael Gore, Head of IoT & M2M, FC Business Intelligence

08:50 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Steve Brumer, Partner, 151 Advisors

09:00 Pinpoint lucrative opportunities: Discover which IoT solutions customers are investing in today

Projections for the IoT market vary, but most analysts agree that it will soon dwarf every other market. But while the overall scale of the opportunity has been established, what remains less clear is where the greatest opportunities for technology companies lie.

This session will bring you the latest market forecasts for IoT. Explore in-depth market data in different industry verticals and identify which devices, applications and services offer the greatest revenue potential.

  • Know where the market is heading today and decide which pain points and opportunities you should focus on now
  • Assess the market potential for new growth areas and capture your share of the most promising opportunities for the short to medium term
  • Identify the investment priorities of C-Level execs from industry and assess IoT spending patterns from research to deployment

Peter Lilenthal – CEO, Homer Energy
Mike Ueland – President, Telit Americas
Gil Perez – SVP IoT and Customer Innovation, SAP
David Edwards – CIO, Clearwater Paper Corporation

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

10:00 Unlocking the power of the most important piece of the Internet of Things

M2M and the IoT have been around for quite some time and now the hype and the opportunity is bigger than ever. With that hype comes a lot of noise that centers on the technology and complexity of an implementation. This has led to most connected solutions missing the most important piece…The user! As you look to implement an IoT solution, it is critical to keep the customer at the center and put the user experience first. We'll break down the components of a great experience and discuss helpful tools and processes that can be used to uncover and shape your IoT solution, allowing you to reach customers with new touch points and increase customer lifetime value.

Lewis Lancaster – Director of Solution Delivery, Solstice Mobile

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

10:30 Exhibition & Networking Coffee Break
11:00 Provide an enhanced service: Deliver the profit, value and commercial reality of an integrated ecosystem

Smart technology requires smart business models too. Building an IoT solution is a collaborative affair – no single company can do it alone! Command and control relationships are giving way to collaborative communities, and innovative players must establish new partnerships to drive market development.

This session will explore the business partnerships driving IoT forward. Consider the ecosystem models creating value for multiple players, and discover the new forms of collaboration driving technological innovation and business transformation.

  • Establish a clear ecosystem development strategy and understand where profit lies in an integrated ecosystem
  • Build a value-adding network that captures new markets and align your strategy with partners for rapid commercialization
  • Work towards integrated, best-of-breed solutions that contribute to individual and overall growth

Kris Bowring – Director of Business and Channel Development, Iris Smart Home, Lowes
Kevin Meagher – SVP Business Development, ROC Connect
Ken Durand – VP Innovation and Business Development, IoT, Ericsson
Eduardo Pinheiro – CEO, Muzzley

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

12:00 Lunch
13:00 The Opportunity for the IoT in the Future of our Cities

Over 50% of people on our planet now live in an urban environment. Several million more will join over the next few decades. By mid-century, life on Earth will be centered almost exclusively in cities. We recognize that the challenges for cities are already considerable and this trend will only increase in the years ahead. And yet, cities are still applying 20th century solutions to 21st century problems. There is a growing need to reinvent how cities function. We must reprogram and rewire our way of thinking and the manner in which city infrastructure and services are delivered. This short presentation will help the audience to begin to understand the challenges, the opportunity, and the potential paths we need to take to ensure a good life for all our citizens.

Jonathan Reichental – CIO, City of Palo Alto

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

13:30 Understand the impact of IoT: Stay ahead of disruptive technologies and hear how connected devices will transform your business

A lack of understanding about the opportunities of IoT technology is widely reported by senior-level decision makers from industry. Solution providers have done a poor job of explaining to executives how IoT projects can benefit a company, and what’s needed is a conversation that centers on the business benefits of IoT.

This session will explore the business case for enterprise IoT. Discover the real-world applications that convert IoT technology into business value, and see how connected devices are enabling innovative digitalization strategies.

  • Cut through the technical jargon and demystify the complexity of IoT
  • Assess IoT activity in your industry and explore how your market is being transformed by IoT
  • Uncover the real-world applications that are disrupting established business models
  • Explore new opportunities for digitalization and know what it takes to become a truly digital business

Kip Compton – CTO, Internet of Things, Cisco
Haden Kirkpatrick – Director of Marketing & Innovation, Esurance
Paul Campbell – Head of Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Schenider Electric
Michael Lee – Director Testbeds, Industrial Internet Consortium

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

14:30 Gain a competitive advantage: Discover how IoT technology can help your business

IoT is going mainstream. Routinely singled out as a top enterprise trend, more and more businesses are investing in solutions and seeing results. Notwithstanding the intricacies of specific applications, a number of key benefits have been shown to apply across all industry verticals.

This session will examine the tangible business benefits of deploying IoT. Discover the latest use cases for enterprise IoT and see how businesses are developing smart and connected systems to drive operational efficiencies and create new revenue models, products and services.

  • Explore real-world examples of IoT deployments that are helping companies to save time and reduce costs
  • Discover the business models that are helping companies to create new revenue streams through innovative products and services
  • See how IoT is delivering improved customer service and new customer experiences
  • Build the business case for IoT using ROI metrics that measure the effectiveness of deployments

Erich Gail – COO, Cardinale Group
Aaron Gette – CIO, The Bay Club Company
Landon Borders – Director of Connected Devices, Big Ass Solutions
Ed Abbo – President & CTO, C3 Energy

Moderator: Peter Vanderminden - Senior Consultant, IoT Practice, Flatiron Strategies

15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Unlock the enterprise value of IoT data: Harness sensors and transform your data into a valuable business asset

IoT technology alone is not enough to realize the commercial potential of data streams, and companies who are searching for IoT solutions want to understand how to apply data to innovate in a business sense.

This session focuses on enterprise solutions that convert data analysis into end user value. Understand how IoT data can help companies to transform dumb business processes into smart ones, and discover the transformative business models that enable IoT technology companies to create new revenue streams for enterprise customers.

  • Capitalize on the new data streams unleashed by IoT technology and build a business proposition that helps enterprise customers take a data-centric view
  • Understand how real-time response can transform business process and develop the business case for IoT solutions that streamline efficiency and reduce costs
  • Master the data-driven business models that create new revenue streams for enterprise customers and empower end users to monetize their data assets

Tanuj Mohan – CTO, Enlighted
Clifford Federspiel – President & CTO, Vigilent
Jason Sinnarajah – VP Business Development, The Weather Company
Ben Rosner – CMIO, HealthLoop
Ron Long – CTO Global Alliances, NetApp

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

17:00 Develop a winning strategy: Implement a plan to integrate IoT into your business

As more enterprises adopt strategies to capitalize on IoT, it is becoming increasingly important for every business to do the same. In order to truly reap the benefits of new intelligence at the edge, companies must define an IoT strategy that will support the connected enterprise into the future.

This session will consider what it takes to develop a winning IoT strategy. Grow to take advantage of expanding data sources and focus on the business outcomes that will create value for your company.

  • Determine which of your current offerings can be enhanced through IoT connectivity and pinpoint new opportunities that could be developed expressly for IoT
  • Explore how connectivity would be established and how the resulting data would be analysed and used
  • Establish which capabilities you already have in-house and which ones you would need to develop, outsource or partner to deliver
  • Look for ways to increase value and consider how to differentiate your proposition from the rest

Daniel Zelem – CTO, Johnson & Johnson
Wesley Mukai – CTO Software, GE Transportation
Don Barnetson – CTO, Lunera
Jacob Reeb – Director of Sales, Enterprise, Aeris

Moderator: Steve Brumer – Partner, 151 Advisors

18:00 Networking Drinks

Day Two, 11 February 2016

08:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

09:00 Collaborate for success: Get the most from your relationships with partners and competitors

IoT is disrupting traditional value chains. Connected products are changing competition within industries, and in some cases also reshaping industry boundaries or creating entirely new industries altogether.

This session will consider how IoT is transforming entrenched ways of competing. See how open systems are enabling faster innovation and discover the new forms of collaboration that are driving competitive advantage.

  • Understand how IoT is changing the way companies cooperate with their partners and competitors
  • Master the new competitive landscape unleashed by IoT and hear from the business leaders who are profiting from cooperative competition
  • Exploit the power of your network and tackle the challenge of maintaining competitive advantage amidst an ecosystem of partners

David Blumberg – Founder & Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital
Sridhar Ramachandran – CTO, Numerex
Patrice Slupowski – VP Digital Innovation, Orange
Richard Brennan – Chair, oneM2M

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

10:00 Miniaturization, Composability and the Internet of Things

Miniaturization and composability are two significant trends that are becoming more pervasive throughout the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Services Architectures.

Today, we have small, powerful devices such as smart phones, which are even more powerful than the fastest enterprise computers available just a few decades back. We have also seen composability in the design and development of hardware architecture, including within just the microprocessor itself.

Accordingly, on the software side, such composability and miniaturization is now being offered through the Microservices architecture and container technologies like docker. Using these technologies, we are able to build software components and services that are atomic, autonomous, location agnostic and can collaborate together to build complex and elastic workflows and business functions. The focus on composability within the IoT software environment will help to enhance scalability, availability, QoS and reusability.

It is extremely likely that future IoT initiatives will be deemed successful largely due to the benefits derived from miniaturization and composability. Our ever-efficient and agile tech teams are now able to build powerful, tiny devices, coupled with Microservices, which are truly distributed and autonomous, to create the next killer IoT app… or perhaps at least, the innovative, business-critical IoT app that enables our organizations to maintain its competitive advantage for the foreseeable future.

Bramh Gupta – CEO,

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

10:30 Align privacy requirements with business needs: Get the right permission structures in place and protect the integrity of IoT data across third-party agreements

As businesses collate, aggregate, analyze and apply data streams, the integrity of data must be managed across a complex value chain. While third-party data can enrich and contextualize data to widen understanding, enterprise customers remain concerned over how to manage the stewardship of data with trust and confidence.

This session considers what it takes to build solutions that reconcile the transformation of data into a business asset with the imperative to meet privacy requirements that protect the integrity of data throughout its lifecycle. Determine effective strategies for working with enterprise customers to manage privacy risks and uncover workable models for sharing data in a competitive scenario.

  • Develop strategies for educating enterprise customers on the restrictions around the use and re-use of data and get up to speed with current and forthcoming privacy regulation
  • Understand the privacy concerns of end users and tailor your data management and analytics solutions to address those concerns
  • Discover innovative templates for managing complex permission structures for multi-tenant access and evolve best practice solutions for guarding against the cross-contamination of data sets
  • Ease the burden on end users by enabling third-party services for IoT data that enable enterprise customers to share the right data, with the right people, at the right time

Laura Berger - Attorney, Div. of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission
Gail Gottehrer – Partner, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

11:00 Coffee
11:30 Deliver insight through integration: Simplify your data integration proposition and build solutions that allow end users to benefit from the aggregation of multiple data streams

For IoT solutions to deliver efficiency and growth, data from multiple sources must be pulled together and operated on in an open and connected environment. For enterprise customers, this can be a heavy lift in terms of integration, particularly in a context where real-time data requires a real-time response.

This session addresses the business case for data integration projects. Acquire techniques to build a proposition that enables enterprise customers to transform raw data into actionable insight and master ROI metrics to justify investment in data integration tools and services.

  • Eliminate barriers to effective data integration and develop a solution that supports the needs of enterprise customers
  • Solve the challenge of legacy database integration and consider best practice for connecting the legacy systems of end users to an agile data warehouse
  • Improve the impact of analytics projects by developing a go to market strategy that empowers end users to monetize their data assets
  • Build the business case for your solution using ROI metrics that demystify complexity and warrant investment

Gurvinder Ahluwalia – CTO Cloud Computing, IBM
Bramh Gupta – CEO,
Lauren Moores – VP Strategy, Dstillery
Kaynam Hedayat – VP Marketing & Product Management, Digital Lumens

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Optimize the technology stack: Create the architectural foundations of the future Internet of Things

Every year, previously unimaginable opportunities are created by advances in IoT technology. The capability of computing at the edge is increasing and real-time analytics is enabling IoT-based transformation in every industry. As innovation continues to gain pace, companies from across the tech stack must continually reassess their technology strategy in order to remain relevant in such a fast moving market.

This session focuses on the next generation of IoT technology. Hear from the power players and innovators experimenting with future technologies and develop a technology strategy that will secure your place as an influencer in the next generation of IoT.

  • Explore the latest industry trends and assess the disruptive technologies driving IoT forward to the next stage of development
  • Tackle the issues facing the IoT tech stack and rethink the technology strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT
  • Discuss which future business models will create collaborative value and harness the momentum of early adoption to drive widespread deployment

David Vandekieft – Director of IoT Solutions, Bosch Software Innovations
Eva Thomas, Strategic Account Manager, Telit IoT Services
Luke D’Arcy – Director, SigFox USA
Tristan de Frondeville – CEO, Skycentrics

Moderator: Tom Penichter – GM Director of Strategy, TGP Associates, Inc.

14:30 IoT and Business Transformation: Innovative Use Cases for the Internet of Things

IoT is helping companies to connect, transform, and reimagine how they do business. Across every industry vertical, IoT is driving operational efficiencies and creating new opportunities for developing products and delivering services.

This session focuses on innovative use cases that will foster innovation and drive more widespread adoption of IoT.

  • Understand how end-users are using IoT to drive business innovation
  • Identify the tangible business benefits of real-world IoT deployments
  • Discover the disruptive business models that are driving competitive advantage across multiple vertical markets

Alex Ruan – General Manager, Sengled
Harsha Prahlad – CEO & Founder, Grabit Inc
Nicholas Adkins – COO, ReelDx
Andrew Pedke – CEO, Lim Innovations

Moderator: Alex Glaser – Director, Harbor Research

15:30 Coffee
16:00 End of Conference

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